Tips on What You Shouldn’t Do on a Date

Geplaatst op 2024-03-29

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So, What SHOULDN’T you do on the date?


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  1. Don’t forget about your safety.Have your cell phone on you and make sure you charged the battery. Tell your friends the place you are going and the time you’ll be back. Always arrange the first dates in well-lit public places. Never go anywhere or do anything against your will.
  2. Try not to date that kind of people who have already hurt you sometime.It’s common that we are usually into bad people, but you have to break these patterns and start searching more healthy relations with individuals who won’t humiliate you or offend you in any other way.
  3. Try not to be available every night. You don’t have to play games or lie, but consider the idea that such availability could only make an impression that you’re not taking care of your own interests and don’t spend time with friends (why, because you’re too boring?) The most attractive people are always those with relatively busy and exciting lives.
  4. Never be late for a date – it’s at least rude.Always apologize if you are forced to change your plans, immediately give your date a notice and make sure they received it.
  5. Don’t disclose too much information about yourself at the first date.Revealing all your secrets may lead to rejection. You don’t have to be scared to open up, but do let your relationships evolve – getting to know and understand each other always takes certain time.
  6. Don’t hover.It would be better not to call, text or email the person you have just started dating more often than once a day, except for the case of an emergency or if they are willing to reply and get the feedback. But more often instability is a main turnoff.
  7. Be honest.Never lie to your partner about any little thing of your life, even if you’re afraid they won’t like the truth. You are searching for your soul mate and intend to live the rest of your life together if you find him or her. So it doesn’t make any sense to lie in order to impress your partner, because they either learn the truth later (and will be disappointed) or leave you anyway.
  8. Don’t get drunk or start being rude on a date.Manners and gentlehood are your best friends.
  9. Never make eyes at other people when you are on a date.This is just disgusting. Once noticing you scoping the cutie by the window, your partner will be heading for the door. Extend them the courtesy of giving all your attention solely on them while you’re together.
  10. Remember that sex on a first date won’t help you to build the relationships.It’s too soon for that and not romantic at all. Actually, it will leave and impression that you’re only attracted by physical characteristics of a person, but not their inner world. So if you really like your partner and want to know them better, postpone sex to the moment when you’re both ready.
  11. Don’t disclose your personal information until you trust your date enough for giving them your home address or phone number.
  12. Don’t date married people.Statistics says they won’t leave their legal partner for you. Such relationships will only bring you the heartache and misery. If you are married, you’d better separate before starting dating. If you’re not married, don’t let your partner to cry on your shoulder. You must deserve better. So go ahead and find the person who is available to you both emotionally and legally!